Protect your home from the sun and save BIG on your energy bill!

Nautilus Roll Shutters add protective beauty to your home!

Nautilus Roll Shutters

Nautilus Rolling Shutter systems are a versatile and beautiful tool for protecting your home. The shutters can be used to protect your windows from severe weather like hurricanes or storms, as well as secure your property from theft and vandalism. The Nautilus is the world’s most compact rolling shutter system! No other aluminum rolling shutter can match compact housing sizes.

This system may be conveniently compact in size, but it’s huge in strength.

The Nautilus Rolling Shutter System is manufactured with only the highest quality aluminum components. The slats, axles, housings, and end caps are all fabricated from 6063 T-6 aluminum alloy. The system undergoes extensive and rigorous testing including large missile impact tests, forced entry tests for security purposes and are fatigue tested for up to 15,000 cycles to ensure the integrity and durability of each and every component. The Nautilus is Florida Building Code approved for non-high velocity hurricane zones (NHVNZ) and high velocity (Dade and Broward counties) hurricane zones (HVHZ). Nautilus rolling shutters outperform every roll shutter on the market.

Each set of blades is designed to wrap around the next, with the smooth edges of the blades making contact with each other. This provides exceptional protection against impacts or forced entry; ideal for safety and protection.

The Nautilus Shutter comes with a customized installation tailored to the requirements of each of our clients. Our team will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Contact us for information on the sizes and colors—white, ivory, bronze or beige—that will enhance and protect your home!

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