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Get a tropical touch with decorative Bahama Shutters!

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This exterior window treatment was originally designed to benefit homes in warm, tropical climates. Today, Bahama-style shutters are beautifying homes in coastal areas and states bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the southern Atlantic. Wherever a home can benefit from controlling levels of sunlight while allowing a natural breeze to flow through, Bahama shutter panels are an asset to both your home’s architecture and to your interior temperature control.True to the Caribbean lifestyle, Bahama shutters allow cool breezes and soft diffused light to pass through your windows with minimal obstruction of your view. With this coverage, Bahama shutters also offer privacy, comfort and protection from direct sunlight that can damage and fade floors, furniture, and draperies. The shutters angle away from the window, allowing you to see out, but creating a privacy screen to block out snooping eyes.

Bahama Shutters come in different kinds of styles:

Aluminum shutters are a simple, inexpensive way to add a beautiful Bahama shutter to your home. Each aluminum shutter is hand crafted and fully finished for a clean and finished product.

ClearView Bahama shutters offer greater louver angle and spacing. This allows in more light and larger spans without vertical mullions.

A traditional Bahama shutter follows the traditional louver angle guidelines and proportions. It’s commonly used in areas that have specific architectural guidelines, or for those wanting more privacy than the ClearView option.

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